Brewing Process


"He Was A Wise Man, Who Invented Beer"

- Plato

Over the past couple years, craft beers have taken America by storm. And at the forefront of this craze, BJ’s Brewhouse has remained strong as a leading artisan with their 11 signature brews - the art and logos of which, have been working themselves into the identity of the restaurant itself and complementing their Americana, Art Nouveau style.

Helping them, CCS is currently printing a number of beer and wall accessories, emphasizing BJ’s strong commitment to their brewing process. First and foremost of which, is the Beer Processing Board (as seen above), printed over black Chemetal to imitate the look and appearance of chalk art. A look made possible by CCS’s large format printers.

CCS is also responsible for the printing, millwork, and installation of Bj’s wall size beer menu’s, going up throughout the country. Their design offers the beers name, category, Alcohol by Volume (ABV), and the International Bitterness Units (IBU) of each beer. These beer names are printed on plaques, which are then hug from CCS backing boards, which allow the restaurant to change out the beer names as needed.

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