Din Tai Fung


In addition to the patterns CCS is able to achieve through the use of the LASER CAMM, we also employ a more traditional CNC Router in order to achieve some of our most intricate work, thus contributing too, and making a significant impact on the world of architectural interiors. We are able to cut almost any pattern from a multitude of materials, and are proud to showcase this ability through Los Angeles’ own gourmet dumpling house, Din Tai Fung.

Known for its sense of space, as well as its food, Din Tai Fung was looking to bring notoriety to its Glendale and Costa Mesa locations. They employed Poon Design Inc., who in turn looked to CCS  in order to fabricate and install the screens and light fixtures that make these restaurants unique.

Largely, these installations utilize cut screens in order to achieve special division and intrigue. Not only is CCS responsible for the construction of the light boxes, paneling, and overhead fixture, we installed them in order to achieve the right play of light and shadow.



Din Tai Fung Screen 

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