Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter Juice Bar


You may have noticed a new local hot spot known as the Nekter Juice Bar, popping up in neighborhood near you. A place truly devoted to nutritious consumption, which has been making waves all across the Southwestern United States. But even better than the products sold over the counter, is the counter itself, a Commercial Custom Seating original.

Nekter is meant to have a cool modern industrial feel that blends traditional wood with contemporary steel. CCS custom fabricated the metal rack and hanging basket system, which displays all of Nekter’s fresh produce. The counter was custom built, along with the unique slat design of the central seating.  We printed the menu boards in our print shop and laser cut the signage in order to pull through the colorful acrylic inlay.

If you look closely at the tables, they are a little bit more than a composite butcher block design. Our print team had fun branding logos across each surface in order to bring Nekter’s personality into every detail of their store.

Without bragging too much, CCS has successfully created a sense of place for the Juice Bar, and looks forward to fabricating, building, and installing locations near you.


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